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Prices below are for annual billing and include a 20% discount compared to monthly billing.

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What software can Locoia connect with?

An overview of currently available connectors is available here.

How scalable and reliable is Locoia? (data volume)

Data volume in size: Our Enterprise grade database is capable of hundreds of Gigabyte.
Reliability: We have an SLA of 99% in standard plans. It can be increased in custom plans to a higher level. Last year Locoia’s flow execution (backend) had 2 hours service interruption ONLY. That is an uptime of 99.97%.
Big data response times: Response times of request that query data of amounts large than 1 million rows and six columns take on average 2 seconds. For further details, a fine grande analysis needs to be conducted.

My app, tool or system is not listed as an integration above - how can I integrate it?

We can integrate most modern apps, tools or systems in under 48 hours upon request. Old fashioned systems and interfaces can take more time. Please contact us for details using the contact form.

What is Locoia?

Locoia empowers businesses to automate all processes, connect all systems and build company-wide dashboards. This allows you to save cost, while dashboarding provides you with an integrated view of your entire business. More technically, Locoia provides Automation, API Integration. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data warehouse and dashboarding functionality - all in one software! Additionally, we provide consulting services to ensure success. Our platform is hosted in Germany (Frankfurt) and fully GDPR compliant (DSGVO).