Sync Customer Data from Hubspot CRM to Stripe

Created: 175 days ago by Richard A.

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Locoia - integration flow builder

Connectors used in Flow

Get Company in Hubspot
Receive Hubspot Company ID via Webhook
Update Company in Stripe
Description: This Flow syncs customer data from Hubspot to Stripe customers. In order to use the flow as it is you need to add and fill the custom fields used in this Flow to your Hubspot account (e.g. stripe_customer_id and invoicing_address). To run this flow use the webhook URL and attach ?val=HUBSPOT_ID to it in order to pass the customer's Hubspot ID to the flow.
To get started using this Automation flow:
  1. Sign up for an account here 😃
  2. Copy the flow from the community library 🤝
  3. Fill in necessary login credentials 🔑
  4. Edit it as you need ✏️

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