Import ZohoAccounts to SevDesk

Created: 17 days ago by Christian S.

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Connectors used in Flow

Get Accounts
Create Communication Way
ISO Country Code Lookup
Check if Shipping Address is defined
Description: This flow takes your Zoho-CRM Accounts and imports them into sevDesk. If your Accounts already have a customer number, you will have to slightly adjust this flow to fill the customer numbers in the customer creation process. The flow also dynamically sets the tax rules based on the billing country (if you are a company based in a different Country than Germany, please adjust the if-statement in "Tax Rule" Form element in account creation).
To get started using this Automation flow:
  1. Sign up for an account here 😃
  2. Copy the flow from the community library 🤝
  3. Fill in necessary login credentials 🔑
  4. Edit it as you need ✏️

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