Hubspot Company to Easybill Customer

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Connectors used in Flow:

Update Company in Hubspot
Create Customer in Easybill
Description: This flow will copy your existing Hubspot Companies into Easybill for better automated invoicing! Here we assume that you already create a custom property called In Easybill (reference: in_easybill) in Hubspot and it is set to "No" on all companies which need to be synced. If this isn't the case yet, you can create the property, and, if you want to sync all companies in the system, replace the action on the initial Hubspot connector to instead use "Get Companies". We are also using the custom properties "vat_id", "customer_id" and "billing_email". We recommend filling these fields for better functionality in Easybill, though you might need to change the property references in the initial Hubspot connector and the Easybill connector to match your Hubspot properties. If you leave the Easybill "Number" field empty, Easybill will generate the customer number for you. If you would like to set a select field, such as tax options, conditionally based on one of your customer properties, switch the Easybill connector to advanced view.

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