Get new Salesforce Records (Webhook Alternative)

Updated: 218 days ago by Christian S.
Locoia - integration flow builder

Connectors used in Flow:

Get Updated Records
Run every 5 Minutes
Trigger Flow
Description: This flows is a webhook alternative for Salesforce, as there webhooks can only be setup with custom code. Just add your Salesforce Connector Auth and object that you want to use in both Salesforce Connectors to get started. With that you can then either trigger a flow that works with the new Salesforce records using the Multi Flow Trigger or start your flow right after the Looper Helper.

To get started using this Flow:

  1. To sign up for an account CLICK HERE 😃
  2. Copy the flow from the community library 🤝
  3. Fill in necessary login credentials 🔑
  4. Edit it as you need ✏️

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