Excel Mapping and Validation

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Connectors used in Flow:

Create Excel File with Errors
Map Units to Properties
Validate Owners
Check if Tenants has been mapped
Send E-Mail with Mapping Error
Description: This flow shows different kind of validations and how to map different files (e.g. XLSX files) to each other (Excel VLookup like). In the Validate Owners and Validate Properties the Validation Helper checks for certain conditions in the imported Excel files. If one or more errors are found, they are put into an Excel file and send to a specified person via E-Mail. The Spreadsheet Helpers, e.g. Map Properties to Owners, map the imported Excel tables to each other (like a join in SQL or a more advanced VLookup like in Excel). Here you could also choose to only use rows that have been successfully validated by changing the Action in the Validation Helper to drop invalid rows. In the following Spreadsheet Helper you then simply need to reference the output of the Validation Helper. At the very end, we check if all the tenants have been mapped to a unit and sent an email for every tenant which could not be mapped.

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